As we see an increasing number of searches for English speaking psychological services we are happy to let you know that our counselor Fruzsina Pálinkás offers individual counseling and Couples and Family Therapy for English speaking clients as well.

Fruzsina is a licenced counseling psychologist and a trainee couples and family therapist. After studying and working abroad as a dance artist for seven years, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Psychology at ELTE University as well as studying Family and Couples Therapy. She takes on private clients for individual counseling and family therapy as well as working with lower-income and marginalized families at a Municipal Family and Child Protection Service Agency.

Fruzsina especially enjoys action-focused interventions in counseling, that means she tries to include exercises – both verbal and non-verbal –  during sessions as well as occasionally assigning tasks to complete at home in between sessions.

Even with individual counseling Fruzsina uses a system approach, and enjoys working with young adults on helping them toward an independant life by finding a balanced attachment to their parents and family.

We at Kilátás are looking forward to working with couples and families who feel they need professional guidance at a particularly difficult time of their family life and they would like more harmony in their relationships but don’t yet know how to get there.

If you have any questions about the English speaking counseling services, connect with us via email at fruzsina@kilatas-tanacsadas.hu and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!